• What do we do?
    What do we do?

    LVA-Check offers a complete Human Resources assessment system that integrates unique Layered Voice Analysis Technology to maintain honesty and integrity in staff.

  • Pre-employment Screening
    Pre-employment Screening

    Do you really know who you are allowing into your business or home? We can reliably help you verify your potential employees’ trustworthiness before you hire them using our Layered Voice Analysis Technology

  • Honesty Maintenance
    Honesty Maintenance

    In case of criminal incidents, we offer streamlined, reliable periodic lie detection testing using Layered Voice Analysis Technology

  • Cutting edge technology
    Cutting edge technology

    LVA-Check uses globally recognised Layered Voice Analysis Technology (LVA ™) developed in Israel by Nemesysco

Other factors to consider are......

  1. Non-invasive method: Layered Voice Analysis is a non-invasive technique that does not require physical contact with the individual being tested. This may be perceived as less intrusive compared to other integrity testing methods.

  2. Real-time assessment: LVA can provide real-time analysis of a person's voice, allowing for immediate feedback during conversations or interviews. This could potentially aid in identifying potential deceptive or deceptive behaviors during the interaction.

  3. Quick screening process: LVA is a quick method for assessing a large number of individuals in a short period, making it attractive for scenarios where efficiency is crucial.

  4. Psychological stress detection: LVA can detect psychological stress and emotional arousal in the voice, which may be indicative of possible deception or integrity concerns.

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